Make Complex Problems Simple without Code

We support social entrepreneurs with NoCode for fast evaluation and automation


Want to solve these problems step by step?

The Initial Phase

Can't find real problem
Can't solve the problem
Can't develop prototype

The Middle Phase

Can't make idea better
Can't design services
Can't develop product

The Later Phase

Don't have your own dev team
Can't improve product regularly
Can't sell off successful business

Who We Are

We are a virtual startup studio assisting socially conscious entrepreneurs without code


With you we solve the problems in each phase as follows

The Initial Phase

The goal is to find a real problem in the world

Make a prototype rapidly

Make your idea tangible without code. The prototype will be prepared for user interviews to know your potential customers.

Conduct user interviews

After a rapid prototyping process, we prepare questions with you as a team. Then, the team will conduct user interviews online.

Find a real problem

With plenty of feedback the team decides the next action to take. Filling out the gap between the idea and the real problem.

The Middle Phase

Once identified, start building a simple solution

Update the business plan

Update the business plan according to the problem found in a prior phase. One-page business plan and frameworks can be used.

Design a simple product

Design a solution based on the updated business plan. The basic model of the product we develop is created in this step.

Develop an alpha version

Develop a minimum viable product with NoCode to evaluate the solution. The team makes sure value is properly delivered to the market.

The Later Phase

Expand it after finding the solution-market fit

Build your DevOps team

Now is the time to make a decision because the business constantly makes money. In case you move forward, the team start building a dedicated team for DevOps.

Improve continuously

Starting a new process combining development and operation. A living product and services are ideal with weekly updates.

Get funded or selling off

Now is the time to make a decision once again. The team supports you to sell off the business or get funded as well.


Here's the team to work with you for further developments

Olga Sokolovskaya


Assist you to organise the project from prototyping to DevOps
LinkedIn Profile

EGO Creative Innovations


Since 2005, helping over 40 companies successfully build 150+ digital products
Official Website

Mana Kaneuchi


18 years in IT industry, including startups and new business
No Code Founders' Profile

NoCode Expert

Ethical Works is an Integromat expert partner that supports you inboth automation and app development



What's startup studio?

Like a film studio, we’re the team providing the resources and functions that startups and new business need.

Why is it virtually operated?

The reason is to enable every stakeholder to work from anywhere and it enables you and us to have a global partnership easily.

What kind of support can I expect?

We provide business analysis, prototyping, service design, product development, and funding support.

Is it an app development company?

No. We’re a virtual studio providing the comprehensive service for startups, and a project for app development only is optional.